Drinking is a pleasure, for me and millions of other adults.

Typically a very social activity, enjoying alcohol is a part of many of life’s most special times or simply a feature of the regular occasions when we relax, connect with others, or enjoy the things we like to do.

As such, drinking (sensibly) is something to celebrate – as are the many fantastic drinks available and the people and places that are vital feature of the drinks industry and the drinking pleasure of millions of people.

A small minority of people misuse alcohol and the problems created for them and everyone else are serious.

The subject of misuse merits an informed debate and should be considered in context so that a balanced assessment of the issues can deliver effective public policies that are appropriately resourced.

Sadly we don’t have an informed debate presently (October 2017) and haven’t had for as long as I can remember.

There is a organised and well-resourced lobby that wishes to ‘de-normalise’ alcohol in the name of public health, when their motives (like their funding) are transparently linked to the temperance movement.

Given the reasons why a minority misuse alcohol are complex and specific to them, it is nonsense to believe that action on all alcohol and all drinking will deliver the reduction in harm we all want to see.

Harmful drinking needs to be tackled through supporting with the individuals affected.

The sensible drinking of everyone else is not at issue – moreover it is something to be celebrated for how it adds to the cultural life of communities, supports employment and (dare I say) adds to the wellbeing of millions of people.

So this site will celebrate (sensible) drinking and seek to redress the balance in terms of the public debate on alcohol – more light and less heat has to be ambition of anyone sincere in their ambition to see that everyone has a mature relationship with alcohol – whether they drink or not. Cheers!